Hey babes, BB here just writing you today to let you know that you CAN DO IT. Do not let anyone or anything stop you from chasing your dream. I was working a full time 9-5 job when I got trained in lashes back in Oct2017. I literally hated my job, yea I SAY I WORKED "9-5" but really I worked 7-4 LOL yea I know, so freaking early. I dreaded waking up for work and keep in mind I worked with nothing but men in a dealership (yes, there are women who worked there as well but not in the showroom). So right before my nephew was born I'm like "maybe I should start lashing" it was "newer" at the time and I knew I had the patience for it and enjoyed getting mine done myself so I thought mhmmm why not. So I took that step and took my first class and paid a little over $800 just for classic training. I look back now and I'm like damn that was a lot. But a few weeks into lashing as my time and sets got better I uped my price from a $50 special to $70, which still isn't bad. I started in the living room of my moms house and would even rotate from the living to her room (sorry mom lol). So December rolled around and I got pretty busy and I would only lash after work and weekends. I thought to myself "I wonder how much I could make if I started lashing full time and quit my job". At work I made a prediction sheet and put some numbers together and tbh It was looking pretty good and I showed my mom and she was like "yea that's good". So around feb/apr I quit my full time job and just started lashing. At first I regretted it bc I wasn't making any money and at this point I had already moved out of my moms house and I was living on my own with my sister, so I had more bills to pay not just my car. I thought to myself "patience is key" and with patience and hella marketing I finally had clients rolling in daily and lashing has honestly changed my life. I could never go back to working for someone else, working long 12hr shifts, working a job I didn't enjoy, working a normal job.

I hope you enjoyed my little story on how I started, and I hope this motivates you to just go out and DO IT, whatever it is. Do what you love sis!

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