Eyelash Extension Starter Kit

Hey babes, so a lot of the times people want to start their lash journey but are confused on what to buy and how much of it to buy. —— First things first, you don’t need to spend crazy money to start practicing on a mannequin head. You need to buy whatever is cheap and available Bc your just practicing and learning the basics (application). Your mannequin head doesn’t need to look like a bad bitch (AT FIRST).

@veyelashofficial has starter kits as cheap as $28.50. Honestly, this starter kit is all you need to start practicing and learning the basics. What does it include? • Mannequin head

• 2 tweezers

• Lash glue

• 2 Gel Eyepads

• 1 Micro Tape

• Glue Rings

• Practice Lashes

• Mix Lash Tray (C curl - .20 - 8-16mm)

checkout my YouTube video on this kit -

Stop letting social media influence you into buying a $200+ kit from them. You don’t need fancy gadgets or expensive supplies to understand eyelash extensions.

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