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Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Hey loves 💓 are you ready to hop on the digital train? Creating a digital loyalty card not only saves you $$$ but it’s super cute and effective on getting clients to come back.

So recently I was thinking of "how can I get this client to come back" and then it hit me LOYALTY CARDS!! I have honestly never done them because

1- printing gets expensive and 2- clients forget them and they go to waste

So i looked into digital cards and found this amazing and easy to use website. No you do not need to hire someone for a card design, the website is easy to use. There are many benefits to a digital card and they are

  • Clients want convenience, variety and personalization.

  • Clients forget or lose paper cards

  • Clients are on their phone 25/8

The great thing about loopy is that they work with both Apple and Google so any client of yours can add to their phone wallet.

My ONLY advice is to pay the yearly fee instead of the monthly, simply because it not only saves you money in the long run but its technically 1 payment (until next year that is lol). For us small businesses we can definitely use this on our taxes as a write off.

Here is the link to my affiliate with loopy loyalty -

comment with your cards, I WANNA SEEEEEEE

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